Reasons for Hot Dip Galvanised Coating on Wrought Iron

We offer a hot dip galvanized rust proof coating on our gates

what is galvanizing

All of our metal gates and railings are available with a hot dip galvanized coating prior to painting - meaning no rust and an extra long life of your wrought ironwork.

What is hot dip galvanising?

Hot-dip galvanizing  is the process of dipping fabricated steel into a kettle or vat containing molten zinc. The process is inherently simple which provides a distinct advantage over other corrosion protection methods.

The unique nature of the galvanizing process – a formation of a series of zinc-iron alloy layers – provides a tough, abrasion and weather resistant coating.

Zinc corrodes in preference to steel and sacrifices itself to protect the steel, hence hot dip galvanizing will provide this sacrificial protection. The corrosion products from the zinc are deposited on the steel resealing it from the atmosphere and therefore stopping corrosion.

How long does the galvanized coating last:

Here in West Yorkshire, a hot dip galvanised coating is expected to protect the steel from corrosion for up to 43 years, although as our gates are painted on top of the zinc coating you can expect an even longer life of our ironwork. Check your corrosion rate by clicking the link below to see the corrosion map.