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Which supplier of wrought iron work should i choose?

What to look for when purchasing metal gates?

There are a lot of wrought iron gates and railing manufacturers out there so i'm sure you are wondering who to use and why. Some gate manufacturers are looking for a quick profit and don't really care about the final product or its longevity. They simply want to earn a quick profit. We would rather earn less profit but create a product that we are proud of. I often drive around and say to my two young boys - "daddy made that gate" a bit sad i know but I'm proud of our work :)

Material - The material used on the gates or railings should always be in proportion to one and other. For example i have seen gates with a thick 40mm box section frame and 10 or 12mm infill bars which look way to thin for the frame, i have also seen the opposite - a thin flat bar frame with 16 or 20mm uprights which looks out of proportion too.

Also check what sort of steel is being used, i have seen a lot of gates locally made from steel reinforcing bar. This stuff is normally used to strengthen concrete but i'm guessing some manufacturers are telling their customers that its decorative bar.

Railheads -  Do the railheads suit the thickness of infill bar? Do they look in keeping with the style of the gate. I Have seen railheads with 12mm bases above 20mm thick infill bars, again this looks way out of proportion and is normally manufacturers saving money by going for the smaller cheaper railhead to gain more profit.

The Finish - Will the manufacturer take those last little steps to finish off the product nicely? We ensure all welds are neat, clean and ground flush where required, we also use top quality components to make sure that our product outlast the competition.

The Coating - Lots of gate and railings suppliers supply their ironwork in a powder coated finish. If exterior metal work is powder coated without being galvanised first then it will start to rust quickly one it has been knocked or chipped. The powder coated finish it a bit like plastic and when broken water will get under and start to rust the metal underneath causing the powder coating to peel. 

We offer a hot dip galvanised and painted finish. We find this to be the best option for our gates and railings. They are rust proof due to the galvanising and the painted finish is easily re coatable when needed unlike powder coating which paint will struggle to adhere to.

If a supplier does offer galvanizing on their products then it must be pre treated before painting or powder coating. We use a T-wash solution (mordant T) prior to painting which etches the zinc galvanised coating ensuring that our paint adheres properly.

The company Itself - Ask to see pictures of their previous work, see if they have any reviews online, have then done any gates or railings close by that you can go and have a look at for yourself as some times its hard to tell exactly what you are getting from a small picture. And always get a written quote with the gate specifications, material thickness and a description of the finish. That way you can easily compare quotes.

These are the few things that i urge customers to think about when enquiring about a wrought iron gate or metal railings whether it be online or locally.

We believe in being honest with our customers, We won't miss sell you anything you don't need or mislead them in any way. Our products are handmade by ourselves ensuring top quality throughout.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

James Pattison


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